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Mike, Delaney, Jenny and Shep Luckett

The art of modern motherhood.

About the Brand

January Moon is a full line of contemporary, ultra-durable jewelry, teething tools and feeding accessories by Nashville jewelry designer, Jenny Luckett, designed for families to use and enjoy through all stages of life.

We pair custom designed combinations of shape, color, and texture with premium, safety tested materials to create design minded products that know how to keep up with life’s adventures.

Our goal is to make products that are as inclusive as they are inspired and we’re proud to address the diverse needs of all kinds of families. Whether life calls for teething solutions, sensory support, or unparalleled style, January Moon is always here to answer.

Delaney Luckett

Shep Luckett

About the Designer

My name is Jenny Luckett, I launched January Moon in 2015 during my earliest days of motherhood. I had a demanding baby, a demanding career in the workshop of acclaimed jewelry designer, Judith Bright, and as I struggled to keep up, my accessories did too. My son, Shepard was teething, pulling all of my favorite necklaces apart and perilously, putting everything and anything in his mouth.

I saw a void in the market for baby-safe jewelry that offered parents the level of style they desired. So, combining my background as an artist and craftsman with my knowledge as a new mom, I decided I would create it. I sourced high quality materials like 24-karat gold, heritage quality Japanese rope and custom beads, and I prioritized the integrity of the design along with the safety.

As my family grows and changes, so do our products. My husband, Mike, son, Shep, and daughter, Delaney, provide constant inspiration and I’m so lucky to have their help creating jewelry, teething and sensory aids, and feeding accessories that make families’ lives a little easier and a lot more fun!

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